A great way of living

Imagine …

being in a community that truly cares:

  • you know everyone
  • you share weekly meals
  • you make friends of all ages
  • diversity is the norm

… but you still retain your privacy

… good for the environment

It’s about a group of people working together to build a community and create a great lifestyle for everyone
  • your home is super-green
  • your lifestyle is sustainable
  • children can play safely
  • you can grow your own veg

… or just sit outside in the shared gardens

… and good for each other

Where you have the use of:

  • a spacious dining area
  • a large meeting room
  • a space for art and music making
  • a children’s play area

… and designated visitor accommodation

Our vision is …

The Common House is a social hub. But we don’t live in each other’s pockets – privacy is important

… to create a multi-generational inclusive community

… to construct eco-designed homes and communal space

… to live sustainable, mutually supportive lives

… to make a positive contribution to our own well-being, our wider neighbourhood and to the environment

CirenCoho offers …

  • high quality design and construction
  • low maintenance buildings
  • homes oriented to maximise daylight
  • minimum car parking (on the edge of the scheme) plus a car sharing club
  • safety and security using natural oversight throughout
  • fully accessible homes meeting Lifetime Homes criteria
  • well-considered planting with edible herbs, fruit trees and space to grow vegetables