Is cohousing for you?

Cohousing is an appealing form of intentional community and a great antidote to the isolation and loneliness many people feel in today’s society.

It is a way of living which encourages people to know, befriend and support their neighbours through sharing activities and resources.

Residents have their own private homes, spaces and independent lives, but they also have access to various community facilities, such as a Common House where members share meals regularly and enjoy their hobbies or other forms of entertainment together.

The entire community is planned, owned and managed by the residents.

Members of CirenCoho aim to be:

  • respectful of nature & the environment
  • supportive and caring
  • cooperative & accommodating
  • committed to a healthy lifestyle
  • optimistic by nature
  • open-minded with an inclusive attitude
  • follow the principle of shared decision-making
  • open to people of all kinds and ages

Become a member

We wish to attract 16 – 20 committed members to help shape the community.

You are very welcome to get in touch if you’re interested – click through to our contact form or our information page which has details of how to reach us.

Our Community Hub

The hub of our cohousing neighbourhood will be the Common House, designed for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone.

The shared facilities in the Common House will include a multi-function space which can provide children’s play area, cinema, performance space, and a room for meetings and social events. We are planning a laundry, an office and a space for art and music making.

Life in a cohousing community provides chances to:

  • share skills and amenities
  • work together in the running of the community
  • regularly prepare and eat meals together
  • enjoy friendship and support

Legal structure

Cirencester Cohousing is registered as a company limited by guarantee.

CirenCoho has a board of up to 10 directors elected from the membership who are responsible in law for the actions of the Company.

Decisions by the board are made after discussion with the whole community following the principles of consensus decision-making. Our community is non-hierarchical.

Much of the preliminary work around an issue is often undertaken by designated task groups before coming before the whole community.